Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stevie Nicks: Timespace Information

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  1. Sometimes It's A Bitch
  2. Stop Draggin' Heart Around (Single Version)
  3. Whole Lotta Trouble (Single Edit)
  4. Talk To Me
  5. Stand Back (Single Version)
  6. Beauty And The Beast
  7. If Anyone Falls (Single Version)
  8. Rooms On Fire (Single Version)
  9. Love's A Hard Game To Play
  10. Edge of Seventeen (Single Version)
  11. Leather And Lace (Single Version)
  12. I Can't Wait
  13. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You
  14. Desert Angel

Full End Tracks 'The Wild Heart' and 'Rock A Little'

We Removed The Fade At The End of these tracks. Does Not Include Tracks that have album extended versions or songs that don't have a fade out.

Stevie Nicks

The Wild Heart (1983)

  1. Wild Heart
  2. If Anyone Falls 
  3. Gate and Garden
  4. Nightbird
  5. Stand Back
  6. I Will Run To You 
  7. Nothing Ever Changes
  8. Sable On Blonde

Rock A Little (1985)

  1. Sister Honey
  2. I Sing For The Things
  3. Some Become Strangers
  4. Talk To Me
  5. The Nightmare
  6. If I Were You
  7. No Spoken Word

Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily) - Outtakes and Demos

  1. Rock A Little (Live Radio Short)
  2. Rock A Little (Writing Session 1; October 23, 1981)
  3. Rock A Little (Writing Session 2; October 23, 1981)
  4. Rock A Little (Piano Demo 1984)
  5. Rock A Little (Alternate Version)
  6. Rock A Little (Extended Version)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Battle of the Dragon - Outtakes and Demos

  1. Battle of the Dragon (Take 1 Fixed Speed & Volume)
  2. Battle of the Dragon (Take 2)
  3. Battle of the Dragon (Take 3)
  4. Battle of the Dragon (Take 4)
  5. Battle of the Dragon (Take 5 Enhanced; With Tom Petty)
  6. Battle of the Dragon (Take 6 With Tom Petty)

Guest Appearences & Duets

YouTube links to all the tracks Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks guest appear on. Special thanks to Nicole Barker and Joe Seerg for spending $10 each to buy tracks on and upload them to YouTube.

Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks Sing Backup On:

Lindsey Buckingham Plays Guitar and Stevie Nicks Sings Back Up On...

Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham Plays Guitar and Sings Backup On...

Lindsey Co-Wrote and Played Guitar On...

Lindsey Sings Backup Vocals On...

Lindsey Plays Guitar On

Lindsey Plays the Accordion on...

Lindsey Plays Guitar, Keyboards, and Sings Backup On...

Lindsey Plays Piano On...

Stevie Co-Wrote and Sings Backup On...

Stevie Sings Backup On...

Stevie Sings Backup and Plays Tambourine On...